Laser Hair Removal

A Safe, Painless, Effective Solution That Removes Your Unwanted Hair
Les Cours Medical Centre has the best hair removal treatments in Montreal, ideal for any skin type, complexion or colour. Confidence is the key to success, and your appearance has the greatest influence on your confidence. At Les Cours Medical Centre, we want you to feel your best by looking your best. We have developed a program using the latest, cutting edge advancements in hair removal technology that will help you achieve your ideal results and send your confidence skyrocketing.

Laser Hair Removal

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Description of technology

At Les Cours Medical Centre, we use two primary types of laser to remove your unwanted hair, depending on several factors. Our Cynosure laser pinpoints melanin and damages the follicles at the base of your hair, severing affecting the hair’s ability to re-grow. Hair can be removed from large or small areas without any negative effects. We also offer IPL hair removal, which passes a light beam through the skin, targeting hair follicles and preventing re-growth. Our IPL epilator is ideal for lighter skinned individuals.

How Can ProFractional Laser Treatments Help Me?
You want a safe and efficient way to look your best
Your desire an effective, customized solution to eliminating your unwanted hair
You find yourself lacking confidence and want a p